listen to the wind


聽 listening to the wind 風

in the yi jing易經  we see the sign of the gentle, listening, wind. if you listen to the wind you can hear its yearning. the wind is drawn hither and yon by emptiness, which is desire. the wind wants, like all things want, to fill in the empty places. this is why we read of it in yi jing. this is what it is…what we are doing in yi jing. counting fullness and emptiness. measuring yin and yang along with their cosmic companion, qi.

yi jing is a voice,  is a chorus of voices from the ancient past. why do we care what the long dead have to say about…what are they talking about, those dead among us yet so vividly that i can almost hear i can nearly hear their dead voices now, calling to me, beseeching me to come and join them.

what shall we sing? if not the songs of history. songs of our mothers and fathers.

the first lesson. the first step.


how did fu xi find the eight signs?

he listened to the eight winds

can you do it?